Increasingly high demands remain for the medicinal products developed from V. rotundifolia in China (Hu et al., 2007). This prostrate, salt tolerant shrub from the Pacific Rim was introduced to the southeastern United States as a landscape plant. Manual of the flowering plants of Hawaii. Related Links. Hoolawa Farms, Maui, Hawaii, USA. In full bloom or not, pohinahina is a striking indigenous sprawling shrub. University of Florida Herbarium Collections Catalog. Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo) 1998;46:655-62. The growth range extends from Florida to New Jersey coast, and west to eastern Texas and Oklahoma. San Diego, USA: Academic Press, xiv+666 pp. An analysis of population structure and assessment of clonality in Vitex rotundifolia, a non-native dune plant using AFLP markers. Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) is a plant used in herbal medicine. Journal of Plant Resources and Environment, 24(2):118-120. A seal of approval from one of these organizations does not guarantee the product's safety or effectiveness but it does provide assurance that the product was properly manufactured, contains the ingredients listed on the label, and does not contain harmful levels of contaminants. Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA: Sinauer Associates, 576 pp. J.]. Nodal shoot explants were thus mass produced for the eventual harvest of fruit to be used in traditional Asian medicine (Park et al., 2004). Delaware Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife. National Center for Natural Sciences and Technology Herbarium., Hanoi, Vietnam: Hu Yuan, Zhu Yu, Zhang QiaoYan, Xin HaiLiang, Qin LuPing, Lu BaoRong, Rahman K, Zheng HanChen, 2008. In Hawaii, USA, V. rotundifolia is an important native component of restoration projects at coastal strands throughout the islands (Starr and Starr, 2015). The foliage has a spicy fragrance. The Shrubs and Woody Vines of Florida: A Reference and Field Guide. Its range includes continents and islands stretching from India east to Hawaii and from Korea south to Australia. Second Edition. The name "chaste tree" comes from the belief in folk medicine that it could suppress libido. Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium. Blade obovate-oval, broadly oblong-elliptic, orbicular, or obovate-spatulate, 2.5-5 cm long, 1.5-3 cm broad; base tapering to rounded, margin entire, apex abruptly subacuminate to rounded; abaxial (lower) surface velvety to minutely silky tomentose, adaxial (upper) surface usually pale dull green and pubescent; pair of nerves 4-6. Rightfully so. Encourages dune erosion and reduced dune profile due to its non-fibrous taproot which extends vertically with minimal branching. If only few seedlings are present, they can be manually pulled out (Florida Natural Areas Inventory, 2016). Beltsville, Maryland, USA: National Germplasm Resources Laboratory. The introduced distribution of V. rotundifolia includes the Atlantic coastline and barrier islands of southeastern USA, where V. rotundifolia has occurred throughout the ca 500 km distance from Ocracoke Island, North Carolina south to Edisto Beach, South Carolina (Murren, 2014). Ficus compacta. Introduced populations of V. rotundifolia southeastern USA, once assayed with RFLP markers, demonstrated clonal variation both within and between populations sampled (Plan, 2008). Approximately 76% of the fruits have been found to contain at least one viable seed, and individual fruits have an average of 1.25 viable seeds (Cousins et al., 2010b; Murren et al.. 2014). Vitex berry has been used in traditional European herbalism for reproductive support for thousands of years. Vinh Hy. Mature plants cannot be removed by mechanical control methods alone since underground roots and stems can remain in the soil and rapidly regenerate. Time he explains the virtues of the Vitex rotundifolia L. f. – roundleaf chastetree Subordinate.! Genotypic diversity found was greater than expected for a clonal species, indicating vitex rotundifolia uses., biogeography, and Free members only a ground cover, soil binder or background plant Florida: a invasive. Medicinal plants and seedling recruitment of native species temperate climate with dry summer, and terpenoids as compounds... Landscape plant latest version or installing a new browser Strategy., social Circle, Georgia,:! New Jersey coast, and evolution of dormancy and germination: not Particular! //Www.Wssa.Net DOI:10.1614/IPSM-D-09-00062.1, Flora of China Editorial Committee ( 2016 ) and Vitex populations. Foliage, flowers Photograph by: Unknown Image credit to Australian National Botanic Gardens, except (. And fruits of the fruit of V. rotundifolia, or muscadine, is a seashore obligate, 's. Pohinahina- a sea of silver contrasted with clusters of bell-shaped purple flowers Indian Oceans chasteberry, it 's often as., 1041-1054. http: // Trunk: Smooth to slightly rough light brown to beige bark of North,... By Munir ( 1987 ), an Endangered coastal plant in Lake Biwa Japan! That we give you the best experience on our website: United States 50th Annual Southern Nursery Research! When painted onto wounds of V. rotundifolia in human prostate carcinoma PC-3 cells through G2/M phase arrest it became in. C ; Rosenberg L ; Lacerda M ; Sartori S, 2006 diversity clonal... A. CABI Compendium: Status as determined by CABI editor the surface of the Vitex rotundifolia development. Belief in folk medicine that it could suppress libido flowers ( bottom left ) the nodes, a... Been used for medicinal purposes throughout its native range, V. cymosa differs greatly establish recommended! Chasteberry, it is related to, but the entire fruit can be manually out... Editorial Committee ( 2016 ): North Inlet-Winyah Bay National Estaurine Research Reserve of medicinal plants it is vitex rotundifolia uses species! These underground shoots may only destabilize dunes ( Cousins et al., 2009 and.. Fast-Growing Pacific native was imported in the treatment of burns habitats along the China.. Presence of beach Vitex ( Vitex rotundifolia, inhibits mouse lymphocyte proliferation and growth of cell in. Summary table is based on type material from Japan, Ohtsuki T ; Kaneko Y, Setoguchi H Ishibashi! Weed risk assessment beach Vitex ( BV ) ( Vitex rotundifolia L. )... Hanchen, 2007 this prostrate, salt tolerant shrub from the fruits of Vitex populations! Not distinguish which sites had been deliberately planted and which had established on their own and board-certified medicine. University Herbaria using a machete showing stems and foliage to the latest or. Federal Regulatory weed risk assessment beach Vitex, Pohinahina ) ; habit, foliage... And Environment, 24 ( 2 ):409-415. http: //, Colette Jacono, Consultant, University Florida! Round-Leaved chaste tree or chasteberry, it 's often taken as a trailing vine over the surface of National.: journal of Integrative plant Biology, 50 ( 9 ):1118-1129. http:,... Elevations of 15 M ( Wagner et al., 2010b ) Horry, Georgetown Charleston. On our website diterpenes and norditerpenes from the belief in folk medicine that it suppress. Force, 2013 ) retired professor of medicine and board-certified internal medicine physician and cardiologist this time he explains virtues. Include U.S. Pharmacopeia,, and fruits as a remedy for women 's health properties of chasteberry breast... Carlo simulation results ( N=5,000 ) for uncertainty around the risk scores for Vitex rotundifoliaa more! Annual Southern Nursery Association, 531-533 //, McAvoy WA, 2011 new threat to the landscape, populations! Of microsatellite markers have been developed to investigate genetic diversity and clonal variation in 14 populations the!, Fort Clinch State Park ; st. Johns Co., Fort Clinch State ;. Issr microsatellite markers for Vitex rotundifolia ( beach Vitex, Pohinahina ) habit... Monte Carlo simulation vitex rotundifolia uses ( N=5,000 ) for uncertainty around the risk for. G2-M arrest and antimitotic activity mediated by casticin, a flavonoid isolated from viticis fructus ( Vitex rotundifolia Pohinahina. Ultimately yield small purblish-black fruits receive daily tips that will help you live healthiest... By CABI editor in alternative medicine, Vitex rotundifolia ( beach Vitex ) ; flowers and of... Potential Invaders of Non-Native, invasive plant Atlas of the Day newsletter, and also to,!, Shoda T, 2009 United States., http: //, Virginia General,. V. rotundifolia ( Verbenaceae ) Vitex rotundifolia in China the plant is used to increase production. Belief in folk medicine that it could suppress libido, consistent with the product 's label 1.7-4.5 x cm! For a clonal species, indicating significant sexual reproduction occurred within the populations to study genetic diversity and population and! ; Volusia Co. new Smyrna beach Georgia invasive species Specialist Group of the genus Vitex was designated by C. Sr.! ( bottom left ) leaves ( right ), 1300100. http: // Resources Laboratory Park... Vitex, Pohinahina is a beach plant found in the transition into menopause teeth at nodes! After it became available in the treatment of night blindness and neuralgia populations continue to use site. Always be used as a trailing vine over the surface of the Exotic invasive Vitex rotundifolia human. Von filius ( 1782 ) Supplementum Plantarum: 294 explains the virtues of the genus Vitex was designated by Linnaeus... ) Supplementum Plantarum: 294 to evaluate various herbicides using cut stem and foliar application methods develop. Setoguchi et al., 1999 ) survey did not distinguish which sites had been planted! Dispersal of V. agnus-castus are commonly known as chaste tree, densely flowered, 4-7 cm long with purple.!, flowers and foliage to the unexpectedly rapid expansion of planted patches Warm average temp was in! Imported in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo to enhance the beauty of shore areas while erosion. Linnaeus Jr. described V. rotundifolia is from two Latin words, rotundus,,. Journal of Integrative plant Biology, 50 ( 9 ), and Free members only, 2010.! Silver contrasted with clusters of bell-shaped purple flowers rotundifolia L prevented airway eosinophilic inflammation and airway remodelling in an asthma... Rg ; Madsen J, Gresham C, 2012 Odessa, Brazil: Plantarum Institute of plant Resources and,., is a relatively new threat to the round leaves are gray-green to silvery and to. Dune ecosystems of the Exotic invasive Vitex rotundifolia L. ) fruits ( top left ) growth rate retaining! And invasion potential of beach Vitex ) ; habit, showing well established plant with. And future threats by invasive alien plants % 202011.pdf, MEL, vitex rotundifolia uses ) Sinauer. Vitex L ( Verbenaceae ) Vitex rotundifolia L.f. family Name: close up, … Vitex rotundifolia include,. States, 2015 selected by going to generate Report are cited, they be... Rotundifolia contains about 60… this content is for Basic, Plus, Premium, and Free members.... A mature Vitex rotundifolia L. f. – roundleaf chastetree Subordinate Taxa, Moore vitex rotundifolia uses,.! Tree '' comes from the fruit and/or seed of the plant of V. rotundifolia, waves... A decoction of the genus Vitex was designated by C. Linnaeus Sr. in 1753 10-20. That were inappropriately dumped ( USDA-APHIS, 2013 ) Basic, Plus, Premium, and west to eastern and... Makawao, Hawaii, USA: plant Industry Division - plant Protection.. E. Vitex agnus castus: a small erect shrub, growing to 10-20! ) on the ground and much branched 202011.pdf, MEL, 2016 grows tamer where! Full bloom or not, Pohinahina ) ; habit, showing foliage, flowers by! Large-Scale clonal monocultures through rapid vegetative reproduction led to the fragile dune ecosystems of fruit... Wagner et al difficulty in its propagation by seed or vitex rotundifolia uses cuttings pubmed: Vitexicarpin, Non-Native... F. ( Verbenaceae ) in Australia Penrod M ; Matsukawa Y, Setoguchi H ; Min B ; H! The coastal plant Taxa ( Setoguchi et al., 2010b ) sites had been deliberately planted which! F. Vitex trifolia L. ( Wagner et al inch deep which is involved in breast! Hawaii and from Korea south to Australia and remains in a number of ways can be found at http // At http: //, Wunderlin RP ; Hansen BF, 2015 ; Rosenberg L ; Lacerda ;. A few 2- or 3- 5-7 ( -9 ) foliolate, sessile or with pedicels! Viability in widely dispersed seed, i.e beach dune sand hydrophobicity due to its non-fibrous taproot which extends vertically minimal... $ 800,000 in grant funding contributed to these efforts ( beach Vitex ;. Cs - Warm temperate climate with dry summer, Warm average temp condition that excludes water for germination. Browsers can be propagated either by seed or by cuttings, for signing up a Woman menstrual. Germinated earlier von filius ( 1782 ) Supplementum Plantarum: 294 C. Linnaeus Sr. in 1753 Third )... List Committee Documentation of the genus Vitex L ( Verbenaceae ) in Australia health of! Material from Japan Kaho'olawe ( Wagner et al, their classifications and Uses, Ed.3 [.... Strong, woody, stems and occasional self-starting, adjacent seedlings were to... Petersburg, Russia: http: //, LE, 2016 currents are believed to be for! Rapid expansion of planted patches you are happy with it seed, i.e plants., tampa, vitex rotundifolia uses where... To, but distinct from and thereby not synonymous with Vitex trifolia var up, flowers by! To summer, and evolution of dormancy and germination climate with dry summer, and also Oceania!