DDIG – NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

I just got a DDIG, an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant!! Yoo-hoo!!

You can read the proposal here.

Here are the title and abstract of the project:

“Investigating the accumulation of evidence for speciation: species delimitation in a rapid and recent radiation”

This study seeks to understand how the evidence for speciation has accumulated over time in the mostly South American plant genus Bartsia L, inferring if there is an order or a sequence for the acquisition of species criteria, and if a specific criterion is more important than other at a certain point of time, e.g. is morphological differentiation more prominent than ecological divergence in recently divergent species?  Additionally, this study will provide a robust phylogenetic hypothesis for the South American species of Bartsia, which will provide a critical framework for future comparative, ecological and evolutionary studies.