Neobartsia matuy, a new species to science!!

I’m extremely happy to announce that I described a new species of Neobartsia: Neobartsia matuy Malagón, Humberto Mend. & Uribe-Convers, in an article published today.

The name “Matuy”, was chosen to honor my parents, Maria Luisa Convers and Ernesto Uribe, whose support was invaluable during my dissertation on the genus. My parents do not use their given names and are better known by their nicknames “Marily” and “Tuchi”, respectively, and the word “Matuy”—a combination of their nicknames—has been used for years among family and friends to refer to both of them.

This basically concludes my research over 10 years on this beautiful group of plants, and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to end it. ❤️