Evolution Meeting!

I spent five incredible days in Portland, Oregon, at the Evolution Meeting. This is one of  the largest evolutionary meetings in the world, and my brain was overloaded with information!

I gave a talk on the phylogenomic work I’ve been doing on Burmeistera using all the genomic data that we’ve generated. I really enjoyed my time in Portland, getting inspired by cool science and hanging out with friends from across the country!

My talk was recorded and you can watch it here:

Department Seminar at OSU!

simon-at-osu I was invited to give my first Department Seminar at Oklahoma State University! I presented (September 14th, 2016) work from my dissertation on Neobartsia as well as current and future work on speciation and the accumulation of species properties. I spent two days in Stillwater and everything went really well. My host, Mark Fishbein, and his students were great and I had many good and stimulating conversations with them and other people in the department.

What a fantastic experience! 🙂


Botany Conference in Savannah

Oh the Botany Conference, one of my favorite events of the year… Every year, 1000 or so botanists take over a city for three days to talk about all things plants: evolution,systematics, taxonomy, seeds, etc. It was my first ever international conference in 2010 and I’ve made so many friends and colleagues that it seems strange when I can’t attend.

This year we met in beautiful Savannah, GA, and spend the days going from seminar to seminar, talking science, and interacting with friends and colleagues. It was also a great venue to present my preliminary results on Burmeistera and an approach to incorporate Sanger with high-throughout sequencing data.

My talk was recorded and you can watch it here:

My first talk as a postdoc

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5.59.18 AM

I gave my first talk as a postdoc today 🙂

It was at BioLunch, a weekly department wide seminar at the University of Missouri-St.Louis Biology Department. I presented my work on Bartsia and people really liked it.

I was honored by the presence of eminent scientists like Bob RicklefsPeter Stevens, Bob Marquis, and of course my current postdoctoral advisor Nathan MuchhalaIvan Jimenez, Eric Knox, all my lab mates, and students from across the department!

It was a great experience and a great way to start this new stage in my life.

Invited to a Biogeography Symposium

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I’m very excited to have been invited to present at the II Biogeography Symposium organized by the Bogotá Botanical Garden! The symposium took place at the VII Colombian Botanical Congress (2-6 August 2015) in the city of Manizales. I presented results on the biogeography and diversification rate analyses on both Bartsia and Hypericum, and the hypotheses that we have for each genus. It was a great opportunity to show these results to Colombian botanists, people who encounter these plants every time they go in the field.