Lab Book

I (more or less regularly) maintain an online lab book where I post about what I’m currently working on. I mostly do this to keep track of what I’m doing and how I did it! I post all the code I use, no matter how trivial, hoping that someone else will find it and benefit from it. You can find my Online Lab Book here: #OpenAccess

However, for the most updated version of my projects, check out my GitHub page.

Lab Protocols

Complete chloroplast genomes and long range PCR for High-Throughput Sequencing

We designed a set of universal primers for angiosperms which amplify complete chloroplast genomes in 16 long PCRs. These amplicons can be sequenced  in a next-generation sequencing platform.

To see the ‘step-by-step’ protocol click here, and do not hesitate in contacting me with suggestions or questions.