For my my Ph.D., I worked on the plant genus Neobartsia (Orobanchaceae), previously classified as Bartsia, and something I struggled a lot with was finding old publications on the group. After much work and tedious hours scanning old publications, I’ve compiled some resources here with hopes that they are useful to other people. Let me know if I can help further and check back frequently—I’m uploading photos for every species I’ve collected! 🙂

I present to you, Neobartsia matuy (Orobanchaceae), a new species from the Colombian Andes! See it here

The new classification for Neobartsia (Uribe-Convers & Tank, 2016): See it here

The original monograph for Bartsia (Molau, 1990): See it here

Neobartsia (former Bartsia) - Photos by Simon Uribe-Convers 2016Representative species of Neobartsia and its four morphological sections. First row; section Orthocarpiflorae from left to right: N. santolinifolia, leaf with crenate margin, N. orthocarpiflora, N. laniflora. Second row; section Strictae from left to right: N. stricta, N. pedicularoides (habit), N. pedicularoides, N. glandulifera. Third row; section Laxae from left to right: N. camporum, N. inaequalis subsp. brachyantha, N. bartsioides, N. weberbaueri. Fourth row; section Diffusae from left to right: N. fiebrigii (inflorescence), N. crenoloba, N. serrata, N. fiebrigii. All photos by Simon Uribe-Convers.