Invited to a Biogeography Symposium

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I’m very excited to have been invited to present at the II Biogeography Symposium organized by the Bogotá Botanical Garden! The symposium took place at the VII Colombian Botanical Congress (2-6 August 2015) in the city of Manizales. I presented results on the biogeography and diversification rate analyses on both Bartsia and Hypericum, and the hypotheses that we have for each genus. It was a great opportunity to show these results to Colombian botanists, people who encounter these plants every time they go in the field.

Goodbye Moscow

August 12th 2009 was the date I first got to Moscow, Idaho. Today, August 12th 2014 (5 years exactly), it’s time to say goodbye.

Goodbye friends and goodbye Palouse, thank you for an unforgettable time.

Palouse_Falls_HDR_Simon_Uribe-ConversPalouse Falls at sunset, July 2014. Photo by Simon Uribe-Convers


Dissertation draft sent!

I just sent a draft of my dissertation to my committee members so they have some time to read it before my defense on Monday! Life is good!

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New Paper On Phylogenomics!

Our new paper on phylogenomics was published in Applications in Plant Sciences! In this paper, we present a new approach to generate genomic data using long PCR, DNA templates, and next-generation sequencing. Furthermore, we present a set of primers for the chloroplast that are universal for angiosperms and that may work for gymnosperms too! The article can be downloaded here: