Graduate Student Research Award

I was the recipient of a Graduate Student Research Award!! Yippee!

The title of my proposal was: “Inferring Patterns of Biodiversity in a young Andean ecosystem: developing a novel high throughput sequencing approach for phylogenetic and phylogeographic studies in Bartsia (Orobanchaceae).”

Basically, I’m modifying a traditional AFLP method to be able to sequence the different fragments on a Roche 454!

Thank you Botanical Society of America!


Invited Speaker

I was invited by the student chapter of the Society of American Foresters (SAF), to give a talk about my research to undergraduate, graduate students and faculty at the University of Idaho College of Natural Resources.

My first seminar as the invited speaker!

My talked was title: ”Using Phylogenies to Understand Biodiversity: Patterns and Processes in the (mostly) Andean genus Bartsia (Orobanchaceae)”

Hypericum, A Collaboration With Nicolai M. Nurk

I met Nicolai at the Botany meeting last summer in Providence, RI, and it didn’t take us long to establish a cool friendship an a scientific collaboration.

He is finishing his Ph.D. at the IPK in Gartesleben, Germany, where he studies the evolutionary history of the genus Hypericum (Hypericaceae).

During the three week that Nicolai spent at the Tank Lab, we were able to analyze his molecular data by conducting divergence time estimation analyzes, as well as biogeographic reconstructions and diversification rates.

It was a lot of fun!

Stay tune for the results of Nicolai’s time in Moscow!


Botany 2010!

A very good conference in Providence, RI, with the latest updates in the botanical world. Over 15 Colombians showed their work and good spirits.


Uribe-Conver, S, Tank, D. “Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Bartsia L. (Orobanchaceae): a mostly South American genus wrapped in a European Clade”

Tank, D., Duke, J., Uribe-Convers, S. “Phylogeny and diversification of the species-rich perennial Castilleja (Orobanchaceae) clade: parallel radiations in western North America and montane Latin America”.