(some) Research

Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Phylogenomics

I developed two approaches to generate genomic data quickly and cost effectively during my Ph.D. One uses microfluidic PCR and the other one long-PCR to amplify genomic targets, and both get sequenced on a high-throughput platform. It resulted in two publications (Uribe-Convers et al., 2016, Uribe-Convers et al., 2014) and you can read more about them on my academic research page.

Systematics and Evolution

For most of my academic career (undergraduate and Ph.D.) I worked on the plant group Neobartsia, driving >15,000 miles through the Andes doing fieldwork, working in the lab, and doing research in molecular systematics, phylogenomics, and macroevolution. I published many scientific articles and even described a new species to science!

Ancient DNA from the Clarkia Fossil Bed

I worked on extracting, amplifying, and sequencing DNA from very old (~15 million years!) plants. The Clarkia fossil bed, located in Clarkia, Idaho, has the perfect conditions needed to preserve unoxidized plant tissue that is suitable for molecular techniques.
The videos below show how we removed the plant tissue from the rocks and the episode of “Plants Are Cool, Too!”, where this work was featured. Super Cool!